13 Jul

Group B            W            D            L            GD            PTS

South Korea         1            0            0              2              3

Argentina              1            0             0              1              3

Nigeria 0            0            1            -1              0

Greece                   0            0            1            -2              0

Super Eagles VS Argentina

Nigeria was the second home nation to light up South African soil. In their way, a shaky, unconvincing Argentine side that has struggled to make an impression on the world stage considering the talent at their disposal. With the eccentric Maradona at the helm, Argentina’s biggest problem is how to best deploy Lionel Messi, one of the best players in the world with the potential to be a thorn in Nigeria’s side. Messi did not disappoint, and the Super Eagles didn’t soar so much as back off Maradona’s protégée early in the match up. This proved to be Nigeria’s undoing when in the sixth minute, the diminutive striker let fly when afforded too much space. The resultant corner saw the Super Eagle defence not so much switch off as focus too much attention on players in the six-yard box. Veron played a cross towards the penalty spot and Heinze loped forward to confidently head into the back of the net. 1 – 0

While Argentina flooded forward, it was plain to see that the Super Eagles are one of Africa’s high flyers. Obasi played a great game down the left wing, causing many a problem for makeshift defender Gutierrez. Obasi flashed an early shot wide after skilfully skipping passed his man. Obasi beat Gutierrez on several occasions, drawing out those “if only he…” moments. Keeper Enyeama, flew between the sticks to preserveing a respectable score and frustrating the highly billed Messi who fashioned chances both for himself and his compatriots. All is not lost for Nigeria who will take heart from South Korea’s 2 – 0 defeat of Greece, opening the speculation doors throughout the group phase as the Super Ealges will feel they have every chance against the Greeks and could hold their own against South Korea.

Final Score: Nigeria 0 – 1 Argentina

Most Impressive African Player: Obasi ran rings round Gutierrez, but I think Enyeama just edges it.

Talking Point: Why is there so much noise about the Vuvuzela? Yes, it can sound like a swarm of bees, but surely we can all deal with it. Every country has their way of supporting their team and it seems every nation’s fans have taken to them with gusto. So if you find the sound is annoying, noisy, too intimidating or whatever, sucks to be you I say, it’s probably doing its job! I say more Vuvuzela’s, they create a fantastic atmosphere and the first African World Cup would not be the same without them.


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