OoA Review: Carlou D Live in London

19 Jul

An astounding performance by Carlou D on his UK tour for his new album Muzikr, a range of encapsulating rhythms from the new album indicated an expression of growth, freedom and spirituality.

His performance was a variation of liberating upbeat modern music and spiritual chants that kept the crowd alive and moving their feet the whole night.
The multi talented singer song writer entertained his fans with his wonderful stage performance, vocal variation and Senegalese dance moves that proved his years of experience and radiant passion for his music.

A wonderful live performance by his band and their African string instruments which filtered the room with a wonderful sound that initiated audience interaction and the artist lead the crowd as they chanted aloud with him.

The venue was filled with an energetic crowd of people from various backgrounds and ages singing along and dancing joyfully to the sounds of his Senegalese Afro beats.
Carlou D’s new album Muzikr a fusion of modern sounds and African heritage. It is definitely one to add to your African music collection.

The album Muzikr is now on sale from Amazon.com, Play.com, HMV and also available on digital download from iTunes.co.uk……Go get it!!


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