Asabaako Music Festival – crowdfunding campaign

3 Nov

Asabaako Music Festival, Ghana

On 23rd October 2011, the Asabaako Music Festival team launched an ambitious crowdfunding campaign to use the power of the crowd and social media to raise funding and support to create; one of the most inspiring and inclusive music festivals in the World, that exposes the exciting new sounds of Africa, empowers artists and is a haven for amazing music from around the world in Africa.

In this blog, we find out more about this festival, from the organisers, and why you should back this campaign.

Their crowdfunding campiagn ends on 11th November. If you love what they’re doing and want to find out more about their campaign, please visit this link –

The Asabaako Music Festival is taking place this year from 2nd – 4th December on Busua Beach, Western Ghana. Visit the official festival website and facebook page for more info.

What is the Asabaako Music Festival?

It’s something very different! A combination of Ghanaian, wider-African and African-inspired music, live performances and soundsystems, in a truly spectacular African setting amongst wonderful people in Ghana.

Name three of the amazing tracks that will be pumping out at the festival?

To give three tracks could be a little restricting on the variation you’ll hear. Expect a lot of afrobeat, hip life, high life, coupe decale, and music old and new from around Africa, alongside hip hop, funk, house and jazz with an African twist. But as a little taster:

Sarkodie – You Go Kill Me

Fela Kuti – It’s Not Possible

Mos Def – Mathematics

What was the first edition of the festival like?

Experimental! And the experiment seemed to work as it felt like the start of something very special. We featured unsigned local talent alongside bigger International known Ghanaian artists like Wanlov the Kubolor and Yaa Pono. UK DJs Guynamite and Breakplus. The festival attracted 2,000 people mainly from Accra and Takoradi and was a great mix-up of people.

What inspired you to start the festival?

A desire to use the skills we had to do something different and something positive in Africa. Ghana is so far from what the Western media has fed us of Africa’s poverty and political unrest, and this is an opportunity to show just that.

Who would be your dream artist/artists to book for the festival?

Once the festival is more developed we’d love to see the likes of Talib Kweli, Nneka, The Roots, Mos Def, Wunmi but then also anything from Naija stars D’Banj, to South African House DJ Black Coffee, to Afrobeat legend Tony Allen – the possibilities are mouth-wateringly endless.

Why Busua Beach?

It’s difficult to explain without experiencing this place. Busua is a small fishing village-come-tourist resort, which people visit for the weekend and end up staying in for weeks. It’s a truly unique, magical place, even when nothing is happening. So imagine what happens when we throw a village party…

Who’s headlining this year?

We’re still setting the vibe for this festival so it will be largely underground artists from Ghana, Ivory Coast and Nigeria. But there are a few bigger name Ghanaian artists who are into what we’re doing and may make a little appearance. Our DJ support from abroad also includes the likes of T-Roy (Broadcite Records London), Rita Ray (BBC/Shrine UK) and Benjamin Lebrave (Akwaaba Music US) adding that international African appeal.

What makes Asabaako special?

The vibe, which comes from the location. It’s an overload of senses you never even knew you had.

How did the festival get started?

A conversation at a warehouse party in London around early 2009. Before you know it we’d quit our jobs and flown to Ghana on a one-way ticket. Very surreal.

What has been the biggest challenge?

Quitting our jobs and flying to Ghana on a one-way ticket…!


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  1. Festival Tickets December 19, 2011 at 8:18 pm #

    I Try is one of my favourite tunes from Talib. Mary as usual is awesome on the vocals.

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