Here are a list of opportunities, if you would like to add your own opportunities please email outofafrica@hatchevents.com for inclusion.


BASCA and Diaspora UK Focus Group Outreach programme

Songwriters, lyricists and composers needed

You have been invited to participate in a focus group; tell us about the challenges you face as a music creator and share with us your understand of BASCA and its work

As part of Diaspora’s commitment to encourage professional music associations and trade bodies to create stronger relationships with Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority (BAME) music creators and represent a broader range of musical genres we are hosting an outreach programme with BASCA.

Tuesday 26th June, 6pm
PRS for Music Boardroom
6th Floor, Copyright house
29- 33 Berners Street
W11 3AB

Diaspora is the music foundation proud to support the wealth of musical talent found throughout the UK’s diverse communities.

BASCA, the British Academy of Songwriters, Composer and Authors is the professional associate for music writers in the UK.

To book your place email the address below and you will be send a booking form – rose@diasporauk.com



30 Nigeria House Project

Artistic Commission

Submission deadline: 18 June 2012, 5pm

To apply, contact: Jo Melville jo.melville@virginmedia.com

Celebrating the diversity of Nigerian culture 30 Nigeria House aims to assist emerging and existing UK-based artists of Nigerian descent and artists residing in Nigeria in developing a new piece of work through an award of £3,000 each.

30 Nigeria House is looking for fresh and dynamic new voices, working in the performing arts. Submissions are welcomed from the art forms of theatre, dance, film animation, poetry, spoken word, and music.

This is an exciting opportunity for new, emerging and existing UK-based artists of Nigerian descent and artist residing in Nigeria aged 18 – 35.




Search for diverse talent!
Really large and exciting casting opportunity

Two well known fashion brands and we are looking to find diverse talent for an online campaign in the following categories, age rage is 18 – 35 years old:

1. Actors/Actresses/Film Makers
2. Musicians/DJ’s/Record Label representatives
3. Artists/Photographers/Sculptors/Gallery owners
4. Dancers
5. Miscellaneous (Writers/Chefs anything creative really)
6. Blogger/Media

– They want the cast to be new cultural ambassadors for Africa. They are representing a new generation of Africa and through the arts are spreading a positive message about contemporary Africa and what it’s like to live there.

– Would be great if candidates are involved in creative cultural events (Fashion Shows/Art Shows/Pop up restaurants/Festivals). Anything that brings communities together and celebrates modern Africa  through all these different fields.

– The cast members are going to all be given blogs and they want your involvement to exist beyond the online campaign.  It’s going to provide you with a very unique global platform on which to promote your creativity.

– They want to make sure that we have we have a comprehensive Pan African casting.

– The shoot will take place in Senegal in August, travel and accommodation will be arranged for every participant.

If you are interested in taking part please contact Roxy Walton at : casting@10-4inc.com

And feel free to pass the message on!








Get involved with London 2012 – Current job vacancies


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  1. ayanbinrin July 14, 2012 at 8:16 pm #

    Would love to be a part

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    Exactly how long did it require you to create “Opportunities Out
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    With thanks -Marylou

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